There are no active audition calls at present but aspiring actors should read this about our plans for Fall, 2024:

We want to put a bug in your ear for November's big production of "Our Town".

This is a play that everyone can relate to -- young love, courtship, marriage, and, sadly, death. But also humour and hope. It is the poignant relatable story of people in any town. It could be Kemptville.

Some of the lead characters were cast last December, but there are many smaller and very small speaking parts, and many non-speaking parts. Act 2 has an onstage wedding, complete with church choir, and Act 3 has a funeral.

We still need a young leading man! We will also need 4 or 5 youth under, say 13 or 14 for small speaking parts -- from 6 to 12 lines each. So…. here's on opportunity for whole families to be on stage together!

NGCT will not be having further auditions for this play until early June, but anyone who is interested in taking part in this production, onstage or backstage - or front of house - really in any capacity - can email for more information. Email !!! There is no obligation -- yet!!

The big crowd scenes will not start rehearsals until, probably, mid-September.