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It can be tough putting on a play

About Us

A lot of plays have been rehearsed and performed over our 50-or-so year history. Our very own and well-known Vida Hopson arrived in Kemptville in 1949 when Jim Morton was the head of a drama group called Play for Fun, a group that preceded us and lasted until the 1950s. We are still looking for clues about our history but we know that Vida revived the group in April 1967, naming it the St. James Players. Its first production under that name was Noel Coward's “I'll Leave It To You,” put on at St. James' Leslie Hall.
By 1974, the group had changed its name to the Kemptville Players to reflect its audience community rather than the frequent location it was using for performances. It was incorporated in 1980 so our legal name became (and remains)  Kemptville Players Inc. (KPI).
Over the years we've performed plays at numerous venues including North Grenville High School and the Parish Hall at KCAT but most of our earlier productions were presented at Leslie Hall (torn down in 2019). When North Grenville constructed the new theatre in the municipal centre (now known as the Urbandale Arts Centre) they asked KPI for help with the design. We have been thrilled to perform many of our shows there.
In 2021 we adopted and registered the business name North Grenville Community Theatre (NGCT) to reflect the correct name of the municipality. This honours our growing community of contributors, both cast & crew, and audience & sponsors.

Past Shows