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The Admirable Crichton

  • Wed May 24, 7:30
  • Thu May 25, 7:30
  • Fri May 26, 7:30
  • Sat May 27, 7:30
  • Sun May 28, 2:00
  • $20 General Admission

Dazzling Show for Whole Family

Music, action, comedy, and an upside down look at society.
From J. M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, this comedy explores English class hierarchy at the end of the Victorian era. A system where a person's place is determined by birth and not by ability is tossed aside when a group of British aristocrats are suddenly stranded on a desert island. Crichton the butler becomes the leader of the group.
Filled with vignettes, live music, dance, and other parts not in the original script, this performance is sure to delight youngsters, those young at heart, and even those of us who are more jaded.

Cast and Crew

Crichton (Gov) Chad Wolfe
Lady Mary Lasenby (Polly) Genevieve Finley-Griffin
Tweeny Laura Forsythe
Hon. Ernest Wooley Ray Burrage-Goodwin
Countess Lady Brocklehurst Anik Whyte
Earl of Loam (Daddy) David Lang
Agatha Lasenby (Aggy) Angelique Iles
Catherine Lasenby (Kitty) Diana Fisher
Treherne (John) Raúl Rodríguez
Fisher (Mary’s maid) Larissa Christensen
Lord Brocklehurst Jason Churchill
Officer Freddy Lang
Coach Tompsett Freddy Lang
Mrs Perkins Geraldine Reid
Simmons (C’s maid) Robin Churchill
Jeanne (A’s maid) Sandy Wendt
Kitchen Jane Jasmine Churchill
Kitchen Gladys Sandra Leslie
Footman Thomas Dirk Visbach
Sailor Dirk Visbach
Chef Fleury Winston Kinnaird
Page Dom Churchill
Stable Hand Genevieve's daughter
Valet Rolleston TBD
Footman John TBD
RoleCrew (? =not confirmed)
DirectorSteve Wendt
Assistant DirectorSharon Sangster
PrompterLee Gaw
PropsCathie Raina
Hair, MakeupTheresa McCaig?
Shauna Akkermans?
CostumesSuzanne Irving
Stage Manager
Catherine Potts-Halpin
Publicity, Programs
Phil Irving
Tech (Sound, Lights)Phil Irving
Derek Wonch?
Tech ConsultantTerry Watkiss
PhotographyJohn Wilberforce?
TreasurerRichard Pickard


Act One

Act one is set in Loam Hall, the household of the Earl of Loam, a British peer, with Crichton being his butler. Loam considers the class divisions in British society to be artificial. He promotes his views during tea parties, where servants mingle with his aristocratic guests, to the embarrassment of all. Crichton particularly disapproves, considering the class system to be "the natural outcome of a civilised society".

Act Two

Loam, his family and friends, and Crichton are shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. The resourceful Crichton is the only one of the party with any practical knowledge, and he assumes, initially with reluctance, the position of leader. This role begins to take on sinister tones when he starts training Ernest, one of the young aristocrats with them, to break a liking for laboured epigrams by putting his head in a bucket of water whenever he makes one. Crichton's social betters at first resist his growing influence and go their separate ways, but in a pivotal scene they return, showing their acquiescence by accepting the food Crichton alone has been able to find and cook.

Act Three

In act three, the play has advanced two years. Crichton has civilised the island with farming and house building and now, called "the Guv.", is waited on with the trappings and privileges of power, just as his master had been in Britain. Lady Mary, Loam's daughter, falls in love with him, forgetting her engagement to Lord Brocklehurst at home. Just as she and Crichton are about to be married by a clergyman who was shipwrecked with them, the sound of a ship's gun is heard. After a moment's temptation not to reveal their whereabouts, Crichton makes the conventionally decent choice and launches a signal. As the rescuers greet the castaways, he resumes his status as butler.

Act Four

Subtitled "The Other Island", the final act is set back at Loam Hall, where the status quo ante has returned uneasily. The Loams and their friends are embarrassed by Crichton's presence, since Ernest has published a false account of events on the island, presenting himself and Lord Loam in key roles. Lady Brocklehurst, Lord Brocklehurst's mother, quizzes the family and servants about events on the island, suspecting that Lady Mary might have been unfaithful to Lord Brocklehurst. The household evades these questions, except for a final one when Lady Mary reacts with shock – "Oh no, impossible..." – to the suggestion that Crichton might become butler at her married household. To protect her, Crichton explains the impossibility is due to his leaving service, and the play ends with his and Lady Mary's regretful final parting.


It was produced by Charles Frohman and opened at the Duke of York's Theatre in London on 4 November 1902, running for an extremely successful 828 performances. It starred Henry Irving as Crichton and Irene Vanbrugh as Lady Mary Lasenby.

In 1903, the play was produced on Broadway by Frohman, starring William Gillette as Crichton and Sybil Carlisle as Lady Mary.

George C. Tyler revived it at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York in 1931 starring Walter Hampden as Crichton, Hubert Bruce at the Earl of Loam and Fay Bainter as Lady Mary Lasenby.

In 1985 the play was staged at the Royal Exchange, Manchester with Hugh Quarshie as Crichton, Janet McTeer as Lady Mary Lasenby, Amanda Donohoe as Lady Catherine Lasenby and Avril Elgar as Mrs Perkins.

The play was revived in London in 1989 with Edward Fox as Crichton, and the newly knighted Rex Harrison as Lord Loam. Harrison's mentor Gerald du Maurier played the nephew in the original production.

Cast Resources:

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