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Many Faces of Love

See below for venues and dates.
Many Faces of Love - tickets for 3 shows

Exciting News – Romance on the Road returns!

From last year's positive reception of Romance on the Road, we have decided that we should do it again. This time with 3 One Act plays! And so, Romance on the Road: The Many Faces of Love is born.

Cindy and Julie – Anyone remember the amazing love stories of Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet? Well, happily ever after and a dramatic & tragic ending may not be an accurate portrayal of these love stories.

A Matter of Husbands – An Ernest Young Woman confronts a Famous Actress about a potentially unfaithful husband – spicy.

The Judgement of Paris – Aaah Greek Mythology. Wanting to put to bed which daughter is the most beautiful of all (but not wanting to do it himself as he know the losers will make his life miserable) Zeus tasks Paris to make the choice for him.

You will not want to miss these comedies.

Three one-act plays about Love performed by NGCT,
hosted by community groups for their benefit.

Venues and Dates

Group Date Time Website|FB Tel.
Marlborough Community Recreation Association Thu Apr 13 7:00 pm 613-489-3094
Not booked Fri Apr 14   .
Not booked Sat Apr 15   .
Not booked Sun Apr 16 matinee .
Not booked Thu Apr 20   .
St James Anglican Church Fri Apr 21 7:00 pm stjameskemptville.com/ 613-852-0511
St James Anglican Church Sat Apr 22 2:00 pm stjameskemptville.com/ 613-852-0511
St Paul's Anglican, Osgoode Sun Apr 23 matinee .


Cindrella CharmingLaura Forsythe
Juliet CapletAnik Whyte
Young WomanJasmine Churchill
Famous Hungarian actress Larisa Christensen
Distraught wife Cathie Raina
Zeus (the king of the gods)Darrell Nunn
Hermes (the messenger god)Jasmine Churchill
Hera (Zeus’ wife, and goddess of women, marriage, and revenge)Catherine Potts-Halpin
Aphrodite (goddess of love)Janet Clarke
Athena (goddess of wisdom and war)Nancy Maclean
Paris (shepherd, but also a son of the King of Troy)Dominic Churchill
Intermission Songssung by Darrell Nunn
“Something Familiar, Something Peculiar” Stephen Sondheim
"The Hippopotamus Song" Flanders and Swann
"Misalliance" Flanders and Swann
"In a Bar on the Piccola Marina" Noel Coward




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